Chris would consistently bring insight, experience beyond the WordPress community, and long-term points of view on growing our internal structure in ways that have brought value to us and our clients. – Karim Marucchi

I love the intersection of startups and WordPress, and in particular, I seek out successful entrepreneurs, like Chris, who choose to use WordPress when they build new products. Chris is one of those guys. He’s the guy you work with when you’re developing new products and you know WordPress is the tool for the job. – Austin Gunter

Incredibly useful, targeted advice very succinctly delivered. In this short call Chris offered smart strategies that will have a profitable impact on my bottom line. Well worth the money! – Pamela Mitchell

Chris guided me into a possible business model that makes a lot of sense. He’s insightful and delightful. Thanks, Chris, for your clear thinking and ability to articulate so well. – Laura Arden

Thanks for a great interview. I’ve been following Chris’ blog for a little while and always enjoy his posts. He embodies many of the qualities that I have come to appreciate about the wordpress community. I was grateful to see him speak at Wordcamp LA and bask in his goodness. – Andrew Behla

We have been seeking advice from Chris on WP and product for years and we never cease to be amazed by his depth of insight into product development generally and how to leverage WP in particular. – Jon Paris

Chris is fantastic at boiling a site down to its core function: the one problem that your site intends to solve. His advice is gold. – Ron Bueker