Four years old and playing the piano? Yes! I have been asked many times at what age to do you start teaching children piano? There really isn’t a right or wrong age to start learning but, to follow our curriculum we have developed there are two things to ask yourself:

  1. Can my child recognize and recite their alphabet?
  2. Can my child recognize and recite their numbers?

If your child can do both of those things confidently then, you can teach your little one with our system.  I have had great success with starting kids at this age and when they can recognize and recite their letters and numbers.


Piano lessons for the very young I would only recommend a parent to teach a two year old how to play the piano. A LOT of patience and repitition on a daily basis, is required. A two year old would not benefit from a weekly lesson, and the parent would be paying for a lot of repetition. So, I say it’s doable, but I recommend that a parent does it. At this early stage, the parent needs only to follow the curriculum, they don’t need to know how to play the piano. If a parent really wants their very young child in piano lessons, then I would do it with the parent included, and explain that the lessons will not be effective without the parent at every lesson, and that the parent is responsible for practicing with their student. Explain the nature  of repeat lessons/repetition at this young age, and that even though there will be progress, it will be slow. The youngest age I have found that can remember what the teacher tells him once a week is about 4 and a half years old – 5 years old. They are a joy to teach! So willing to learn and they absorb everything you tell them! Again, there is responsibility for the parent to make sure they practice at home. Here is the curriculum I have developed for ages 2-7: – See more at: