Course Reduced During Pandemic!

Finally, a REAL piano lesson program for children that teaches REAL music concepts! No “Cheat Tools” stickers, no child-like symbols, but REAL music notes with REAL songs.. Imagine Your Child, Playing REAL Songs, Reading Real Sheet Music!

Have you noticed that every single children’s piano curriculum out there provides you with “cheat tools” to give your child to help them “learn faster”? How about the cute substitution for real terminology? Children really do learn, and what you tell them is what they believe. If you tell them something other than the truth, it will be hard to convince them later what the truth really is..

That is why the Piano Patch Kids Piano Course is unique! Truly a one of it’s kind course that teaches the parent how to teach the child and how to teach correct information. Children retain information a lot better than we do, so be careful what you tell them!

I am sure you have had moments when your child simply amazed with something they did, something they said, something they remembered, or something they understood. I am sure it left you astounded and you were proud that your child showed signs of independent intelligence. Am I right? I know I am. I have 5 children and how 2 grandchildren who are the smartest kids I know! ~smile~ I bet you have kids like I do. Give them a chance to excel and they will!

Watch your children learn how to read music, play memorable tunes, even sing along with them! I have written and used this course since 1993 with 100% success!

In the first few moments you spend with your child, you will soon realize the value of learning piano. It not only teaches piano but also reinforces (or introduces depending on the age of your child) concepts such as number recognition, letter recognition, counting, adding, grouping, colors and rhythm.

By default they are learning concentration, coordination and building confidence! There is not one activity that I know of that teaching so many skills, hidden and disguised in something as enjoyable as playing the piano!

Level 1
  1. Right Hand Prep This book includes the following content:
    1. Location of keys
    2. Middle C position.
    3. Recognition of quarter notes, half notes, and whole notes.
    4. Location of Middle C, D, E, F, and G (Learned by letter)
    5. Playing Middle C, D, E, F, and G
    6. Counting correct rhythm while playing.
  2. Left Hand and Hands Together Intro This book includes the following content:
    1. Playing C chord
    2. Playing G7 chord (simplified version of G7 chord)
    3. Applying both chords to songs.
    4. Playing songs with both hands simultaneously.
  3. A parents step by step guide and activities to print. This book includes the following content:
    1. Directions on how to teach each page.
    2. Suggested activities to help different ages.
Level 2
This level continues to build on reading real notes, incrementally replacing all previous play by letters with real note recognition.
Level 3
At this level, your child will be reading simple sheet music, applying rhythm and have a very solid understanding of how to read music. Basic music reading skills are used in easy songs with fun lyrics.

At the end of these lessons, your child will be playing simple songs with both hands, using two different chords, knowing how to apply rhythm, not looking at hands, and have a very strong foundation to continue to reading music.

This course will prepare your child to go on to any other piano program, seamlessly and easily because we teach real concepts, real terminology and real note reading!

This course is designed for parents with little or no experience to teach their children because you will learn along with them. I will always be here for support!

Go ahead and get started! You will receive your download links immediately after payment!  All files are in PDF format for easy downloading and printing.

Entire Course Reduced During Pandemic:  $37.00  Valued at $197.